Commercial Photography: Products

Where do we start with product photography? We do so many product photographs, big, small or even huge, we could devote our whole website to it. Below are just a few samples of some of the products we have photographed recently.

Give us a call on 519 500 0482 if you have any questions about how to photograph your product.

Product shot of Swift Watches in Kitchener.

A plasma metal cutter, you have no idea how many shots it took to get that one.

Yes that really is a cake, product shot for Too Nice To Slice in Kitchener Waterloo.

New faucet product, mirror finish products are shot in small white tents to minimize the refections.

A great shot of this brand new Volvo excavator and its very first scoop.

A product shot for AWC in Guelph, that was a tough shoot because of two different grades of glass.

One of many product images for Pentair in Kitchener.

A product shot for Porsche Design.

A product shot for a brand new MRI scanner, I think that machine cost $2 million.

A product shot for a local chocolate fountain company in Kitchener.

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