Our Commercial Photographer Videographer Rates

Well I don't know about you, but nothing irritates us more than getting an invoice with a nasty surpise hidden in it, even if its an unexpected postal charge.

We treat our clients like we would like to be treated ourselves, and all of our invoices are very clear and every charge is itemised. We also never mark items up. If the mail costs are $6.70, that is what we invoice you for. The same goes for data discs, we buy in bulk and typically we dont even charge for a DVD data disc.

Hourly rates, billed in 15 minute intervals

  1. $150 per hour - Photographic Shooting
  2. $100 per hour - Post production and digital editing
  3. Any set up fees or travel costs will be quoted in advance

Transparent pricing and easy to read invoices......now there's a refreshing change!

Most of our work is charged on an hourly basis at $150 but for larger jobs that require more than 4 hours of time, we quote these prior to the job and often fix the price with half or full day rates. All of our invoices show the photographic shooting time (which includes setting up and down), almost like a 'clock-in clock-out' method.

A great deal of our commercial assignments requires post production work, from simple image processing through to a full-editing service for print and magazine ready images. This time is detailed seperately on the invoice and is charged in 5 minute units, none of this 1 hour minimum.

In terms of travel, again this is quoted before the job is undertaken. Although we are based in Kitchener and Fergus, we work for many commercial clients based in and around Toronto.

If you have any further questions whatsoever just give us a call or send us an email.

This is the final version billboard advertising for the Classic FM breakfast presenters Bunty and Curly, AKA Mark Bunting and Chris Lloyd.

As hard as it gets, a very challenging shot of photographing wine bottles.

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