Baby Portrait Photography

We photograph nearly 30 babies a year between our offices in Kitchener Waterloo. We constantly strive to evolve our baby portraits and look for new and exciting ideas all the time.

If you are considering getting some professional portrait photographs of your new born or up to the age of 1, please get in touch.

A beautiful moment of new born baby Page being held by her parents - priceless.

Baby portrait asleep

The happy baby Mackenzie during her second baby portrait.

An amazing picture of Tyse and his sister Adele during Tyse's first shoot.

Great shot of Mackenzie but its the hands of mum and dad that give the image scale.

One of our past bride and grooms, a great shot taken at their home.

A bit cliche, but Dad's 'working hands' against the smooth baby's skin is a great contrast.

Baby portrait on towels

A great shot taken on soft white towels.

Baby portrait asleep

Baby Brayden fast asleep 'relaxing'.

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