Child Portrait Photography

They say 'never work with animals or children'. If you have tried to capture an image of your child, you will know its a real challenge photographing children but great when you capture a true photograph of their personality. For children age 4 and upwards we prefer to use a studio to capture images as it gives them space to run around and relax.

Cool children portrait

A nice child's portrait montage.

A great portrait shot captured for her parents in our studio in Kitchener.

1st birthday portrait

Campbell posing for her 1st birthday shot.

Cole was good fun to shoot, full of energy.

Teenage Portrait

A Christmas present for their parents.

Kids Portrait photography

A natural image of twin girls at the butterfly conservatory in Cambridge.

Kids portrait music

Mum and dad simply wanted a picture of their son at this stage of his life, a budding musician.

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