Pregnancy Portrait Photography

Pregnancy photography is one of those intimate moments that most pregnant ladies would love to have photographed but rarely do. The key to getting great shots of your pregnancy body is with careful lighting and being at ease with your photographer. We are also finding that some ladies like to record their bodies during the term of their pregnancy, and then we piece it all together in one single printable image once the baby is born, as below.

If you think that this is something you would like to consider give us a call on 519 500 0482.

This lady asked us to capture her pregnancy at various stages and then once baby had safely arrived.

A great shot, not knowing what they were having or what the names will be.

Steven and Courtney were expecting twin boys, nice way to incorporate both mum and dad.

This pregnancy image was shot in the comfort of her own home, with good lighting.

Pregnancy shots with husbands are great, a nice relaxed image.

I loved this idea that Shawna and Jon thought up, great shot!

Michelle on her own, one of our favorite's.

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