Women's Portrait Photography

Photographing women is something we have a definite skill for, particularly Pete in Kitchener from years of photographing Brides. We photography women for many different reasons, some for a professional image of themselves, some because they are doing it with family and some just because.

If you want a really nice natural image captured of you, then call 519 500 0482.

This was a shot taken in Toronto for an album cover, we used natural light.

This was shot in the UK by Pete for a magazine.

The wonderful Pam Bayes, a simple potrait that she needed for her business.

This was shot was taken in Cambridge using natural light, great shot of Dianna who is a professional model.

This was Alejandra's first model shoot with us, a true professional model.

Modelling shots for agency 'head and shoulder' images.

Kitchener Model.

Waterloo model Gema.

Publicity shots for this young lady.

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