About one2one Photography Media

August 1994 Pete May and his brother Steve May formally set up one2one photography in the UK as we know it today.

Pete and Steve are now based in Winnipeg, Niverville after living in Kitchener since 2006.

In 2015 one2one Photography Media was established to cope with the increasing demand for video media production.

You are simply paying us to do a job!

All the Media we capture belongs to you, the client – No Copyright, No Watermarking!

Since 2015 one2one has continued to embrace the ever-growing world of video media, Commercial Production Videos. Recently one2one has acquire some new talented videographers and continue the path towards growth during this time to only enumerate the companies success going forward.

Photography is our passion…

We still believe you may be able to teach what we do but you cannot teach what we see, it comes from within and years of experience.

Pete May
Pete MayBusiness Owner | Photography
Pete May is one of the original founding members of one2one back in 1994, when the company was based out of Bristol, England. He has shot over 1200 weddings and still sees it as the ultimate privilege to be part of someone’s special day! Pete also shoots many types of commercial photography and videography, aerial photography and videography with a professional drone, many destination weddings and lots of portraits.
Steve MayBusiness Partner | Photography
Steve May is Pete’s twin brother and the other original founding member of one2one back in 1994. Steve is very much sought after for his award-winning modern images and for the way he is able to ‘capture the moment’ in any situation. Steve has shot over 1200 weddings.
Jake Chapman
Jake ChapmanBusiness Owner | Videography and Editing
Jake Chapman is the head of our Video and Media Production team. Jake graduated from Conestoga College in 2015 for broadcast television. He then continued a career with CTV and shortly after, he joined our team at one2one, partnering with Pete May. It’s needless to say, hes never looked back. He is an award-winning videographer and brings a great modern design to the team. He is an expert in post-production and knows how to tell the story right! He is secretly the master of Premiere Pro and After Effects.