Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography in today’s world incorporates a lot of things! Product, food, event, and corporate portrait photography is something we do almost on a daily business.

Most of us follow a similar pattern when reading a newspaper ad, brochure or website. We look at the pictures first, then read the headlines and finally scan the first few sentences which manage to catch our interest.

Pictures have the advantage! Most of us love to look at pictures, and there’s very little reading required in order for us to get the gist of the message. This is because pictures are capable of telling a story all on their own.

Product, Food and Event Photography

Many of clients understand the power if the photos aren’t compelling enough, or are poorly positioned, even they can be ignored. In a brochure especially, you want to make sure the photos cannot be ignored.

Who We Work With

From Federal and Provincial Governments, Creative Agencies, Website Agencies, Large Corporations to small business start-ups