Project Description

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography has been our business since 1994. We have photographed over 2500 weddings.

Since 2016 one2one has offered photo video packages which now account for about 90% of our wedding bookings. We still offer photography only packages which you can find on our Packages and Prices page. We also have a page dedicated to our Photo Video packages.,

Packages and Prices from $1995

All packages include a free Engagement Shoot

10 things we think you should know

  1. Proud and honored to be a wedding photographer – We love weddings, and enjoy the whole event. We have fun with the bride and groom and enjoy hanging out with the bridal party
  2. Ultimate privilege – To us it is the ultimate privilege to be at someone’s special day. The pay off for us is not just the thank you cards and the nice emails, it is seeing the faces of our bride and grooms when they see their images for the first time and relive their wedding day as we saw it.
  3. The documentary wedding photographers – We are like the journalist who reported what they saw… we are everywhere but no where, recording what we see, not improving it, not staging it, not prompting it, just capturing at its best – naturally…
  4. The silent observer – We often call ourselves the silent observer, capturing the moments as well as the formal family pictures.
  5. Looking your best – People will always look their best when they’re not thinking about photography. We believe you can’t pose people naturally; you just need to be present and enjoy your wedding day. During the wedding day we often use longer lenses to keep our distance so the photography looks natural.
  6. The ultimate memory in 20 years time – We bring art to a wedding, creating and capturing memories and emotions… after the party has finished, the cake has been eaten, and the dress is in a box, the only thing left is the photography. We want our brides and grooms to look at their wedding pictures in 20 years time and still be able to feel the emotions they felt on their wedding day.
  7. No chance of a re-shoot, weddings are a one off event! – Wedding photography is the most challenging type of photography, it is not easy, you need a lot of experience, we cannot have a bad day – there is no chance of a re-shoot
  8. Right place… right time… – To capture those moments you need a lot of past experience to know and understand the natural flow of a wedding. Most weddings are similar but often run very differently. We have shoot hundreds of weddings, infact well over 1000 weddings between us.
  9. Multi cultural – We have photographed not only Canadian weddings through all seasons including winter weddings but we have shot Chinese weddings, Armenian weddings, Indian weddings, Portuguese weddings, Greek weddings and Romanian weddings – all of which have very different traditions and events that we fully understand.
  10. So what’s the cost to buy the original digital files? – Your original digital files, which are all in colour, are already included in the prices advertised on this website. We don’t want to keep your photographs, let’s face it, you will have hired us to capture your photographs, not keep them. All our couples receive all the photographic images we capture and copied to a DVD.