Wedding Photo & Video – All in one place.

Wedding photo & video is now available – from the same people, in the same company.

Get up to 2 or 3 photo/video professionals capturing both photography and video! Using all the same cameras and gear; to create stunning Images and a ‘once in a lifelime’ cinematic documentary video.

Videography has advanced so much in the last 10 years. From higher quality audio & Video, to gimbals & stabilizers becoming truly immaculate; this has allowed companies to start offering video production again but at a higher scale.

In 2015 we could see the need for video by simply listening to our new customers. We were asked so many times “do you do video or do you know someone who does video?”. Photo and video are the best ways to cover a wedding day. Since 2015 we have offered a photo video package.

In 2014, we found ourselves getting one constant question from clients: “Do you guys have a video option?”. The industry was clearly changing right before our eyes. Not to long after these questions & inquires built up, one2one made the bold move to videography; making a large investment in new staff and equipment.

80% of our weddings now book Photo & Video Packages

Book today! Are you ready to make your dream wedding a reality?